They may not wear capes, but we know our teachers are superheroes! Our teachers “See into the Future” to notice the potential in each of our students. They are “Elastic” – stretched in many directions and they manage to do it all! They “Juggle Multiple Roles” – just like Clark Kent, our teachers our mentors, friends, instructors, and leaders. Finally, they have “Heart”. Just like superheroes, they are driven by compassion and strength!

We are excited to partner with The Nerd Store again this year for The Nerd Store Free Comic Book Day on May 5th! Get 3 free comics just for stopping by, then you can earn more free comics by donating to the Greeley-Evans District 6 Teachers Closet or making a purchase from The Nerd Store. Every $3 donated or $10 spent earns you ONE MORE FREE COMIC!

Stop by and help supply our District 6 superheroes and the District 6 Teachers Closet with much-needed supplies!