Welcome to District 6! Over 180 new educators joined us for orientation classes this past week at Island Grove Regional Park and Brentwood Middle School. Most orientation classes are boring… 💤💤 Not this one!

What other school districts would host a “Superhero Escape Room” for new educators? Us! We know how excited they are to jump right into their classrooms and start planning, but we decided to lock up their classroom keys. Luckily all the locks could be opened by finding the right code through clues. Their job was to search for codes through different tutorials on District 6 departments, software/programs, where to find curriculum guides, information on assessments and much more! We are happy to report, all groups were successful and they even learned a thing or two about District 6!

If you notice a new face at one of your school sites – welcome them to the District 6 family! We are super lucky to have some of the TOP educators in the state right here in Greeley and Evans! #ImDistrict6